Hello, Welcome to Tsinghua

Dear future global shapers,


Come and join us this summer at Tsinghua University in Beijing to explore the diversity of China, to decode China’s unique circumstances and aspirations, and to develop links with China and the world together. This summer’s experiential learning program at Tsinghua will help sharpen your global vision and leadership.


Come and join us to embrace the world and meet more than two hundred of the brightest talents from around the globe. Let us explore China in the world and the world in China, and engage with the interconnected challenges and opportunities facing China and the world together – economic, environmental, educational, political, social and cultural.


Come and join us for a summer in one of China's most innovative, dynamic, and historical cities. This unique place and space means never running out of things to see, do, and enjoy.


So if you want this summer to be extraordinarily different, come and join us!

SHI Yigong

Vice President, Tsinghua University