Amazing moments of Experiencing China 2016

August 1 2016, the opening ceremony of Tsinghua University's inaugural "Experiencing China” Summer Program was launched in the Main Hall. This ground-breaking university-level program aimed to further strengthen Tsinghua as a key link between China and the world, promote mutual understanding between Chinese and international students, and provide students with a
comprehensive platform to explore key aspects of China.

During the two-week experiential learning program, 141 participants from 26 countries and regions explored interconnected challenges and opportunities facing China and the world - economics, environment, education, politics, society and culture. They took part in keynote lectures, field-trips, cultural experiences, and exchanged views during group discussions. With a series of formal presentations, insightful posters, poems and creative human sculptures, participants encapsulated their experiences and understanding of China within the context of the various topics of their groups in the “Global Young Leaders Forum & Expo,” the graduation ceremony of the program.

At the the Closing Ceremony and the Graduation Youth Forum, Prof Shi Yigong, Vice President of Tsinghua University, made a concluding speech and delivered a closing remark for Tsinghua
University's "Experiencing China" Summer Program. Prof Shi Yigong gave a high appraisal of the students' exhibition results. He said that the group's reports gave him a deep impression, and used six words to sum up the presentations and performances: insightful, comprehensive, fascinating, interesting; in-depth, and scholarly. During his closing speech, Prof Shi said “I was very impressed by the forwardthinking of the 'Experiencing China' program. I hope that this program allowed you to experience China, explore China, study China, gain a better understanding of China's role in the world, and recognize your ability and potential to play your part in it.”"When you return to your hometown, I hope you can remember Tsinghua University, remember these friends, and remember this unforgettable experience,” Prof Shi Yigong said.

(To see a video of Experiencing China Summer Program 2016 at Tsinghua University Youtube channel)