Experiencing China - Tsinghua Summer School 2017 Opening ceremony

On July 17th, our future global shapers enjoyed the “Experiencing China – Tsinghua Summer School 2017” opening ceremony in the Lecture Hall of the Main Building in Tsinghua at the beginning of the first session.

This year, the 229 “Experiencing China Summer School” students from 49 different countries and regions, and more than 100 different universities, were excited for their new lives and experiences in China.


From last year, the ultimate goal of the “Experiencing China Summer School” was make international students to understand “the world of China” and “China to the world” by inviting world-class scholars to host keynote lectures, combing class lectures with group discussion, conducting fieldwork at representative organizations in a respective project field and experiencing cultural adventures by themselves.

At the same time, it will also create a platform to promote cross-cultural communication among participating students from around the world, as well as between them and the volunteer students from Tsinghua University. With the expansion of this global community, we may expect even more connections and contributions to come this year. 


During the opening ceremony, Professor SHI Yigong, the Vice President of Tsinghua University and the first notable scholar to host the keynote lecture for the Summer School, said: “Open your eyes and ears for the changes in China and find out what China is about nowadays.”


Students from all around the world are looking for the fruition by the “Experiencing China Summer School!